Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday 12th May - Blue smoke in the sunshine

The garden is looking exceptionally green now. I was wondering about the "lawns" - would we go for the "rustic wildflower meadow" look this year? There seemed to be an abundance of non-grass-like plants growing there.

Before I had a chance to discuss this in any detail with the lawn-mower-operative, I woke up to the sounds of an extremely sick sounding petrol engine making heavy work of heavy going. The "rustic meadow" is no more, and we have reverted to the pocked and unevenly green areas that we euphemistically refer to as "the front lawn" and "the back lawn". I expect the pall of blue smoke - literal blue smoke, not the figurative sort - will dissipate soon. Something to do with diaphragms and carburetters, I believe. I take all such pronouncements on trust.

Unless something is done about the mower soon, this state of affairs is unlikely to last, and we may well decide to go for a more natural look this year, provided our neighbours don't object too strongly.

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