Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May - What Jesus might have seen

sea ice spirals near Kamchatka

Do you think Jesus got to see the world from this angle when he ascended into heaven last Thursday (or sometime today - depends which liturgical calendar you are using)? I hope he took the time to look around on his way up, to see what an amazing and beautiful and strange and intriguing world he had created all that time ago.

Scandinavia and Northern Lights
Of course, 2000 years ago, Paris and Scandinavia wouldn't have been lit up with street lights.

snowy fields and river in Canada
and Canada wouldn't have been divided up into millions of square-shaped fields.

I've just snipped a few bits out of a couple of the pictures. The whole sequence is "out of this world". And I'm not joking!

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