Sunday, 17 June 2012

Satuday 16th June - catastrophe!

So we came back from the annual trip to the vet (Leo's second visit this year after she had had that close encounter with a spaniel) and the cats were vaccinated, and this time they were micro chipped as well because there was a special offer on - just £8.99 each which seemed good value.

The cats had been very reluctant to get into the cat box; Leo was shoved in first, then, with lots of hissing and spitting and growling (the cats made quite a bit of noise too) McCavity was compelled to join her sister. When we reached the vet, the cat box appeared to be empty - both cats now pressed as tightly as possible to the back of the box.

All went reasonably well - no-one got bitten or scratched, and the vet did what he had to do without untoward incidents.

It's when we got home and opened the door of the cat box that everything went drastically wrong. The cats had clearly completely swapped brains while crammed into the cat box. The downstairs cat bolted up the stairs, and then paused, horror-struck, while the upstairs cat rushed into the sitting room. Then  the upstairs cat hurtled back into the hall and tried to run upstairs, only to find the downstairs cat frozen in a panic on the top step. Neither cat could work out what to do next....

Luckily Best Beloved and I were on hand to assist the downstairs cat and the upstairs cat to their separate destinations. They crept past each other, intent on avoiding eye contact while trying to watch eachother's every move.

It took most of the rest of the day for them to recover from the ordeal.

Hopefully that's it, at least until it's Time for the Cattery....

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