Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A month of weather - 2/10/12

There was a pale golden light this morning at around 8 am. In order to get a view of the garden from upstairs, I had to open the bathroom window and stand in the bath.
The russian vine is tumbling over the roof and side (and all over the inside) of the garage, and behind that is the smoke bush, rather a strange shade of blue in the photograph. The two sinister "eyes" in the right hand corner of the garden are actually roses.
The mobile phone camera is not really coping with the conditions! I could see that the golden effect of the light was not being captured, and it was also fading fast, and everything beginning to look rather ordinary.
At the front of the house, facing east, there was stunning spider's web, hung with dew around the outer strands.   
The morning sun seemed to promise so much, so I was surprised to find myself succumbing to an increasingly black mood as the morning drew on. Tiredness, maybe. There are days when the future looks bleak and fearful, and days when optimism will carry me through. This was not an optimistic day.
Towards lunchtime I went in to town to do some errands, and parked at the top of the multi-storey car park. Looking out across the to the North Downs, the view was like a mirror of my state of mind; grey clouds and blue sky battling for supremacy.
In the end I managed clear the clouds from my mind using an old trick I first discovered back at university - window shopping. This isn't the same as retail therapy, as there is never any intention of wanting to buy anything.

Back at York, I would browse in a china and glass shop in a street near the cathedral called The Shambles. It was full of beautiful objects, Minton, Crown Derby, a pattern called "Haddon Hall",                                 

and Caithness Glass are some of the names I remember. In London, it would be the fabric department of Liberty's - wools, silks, velvets, embroidered cottons.
Today I spent a few minutes in the wool shop in the company of all kinds of different yarns and textures.
introduces 7 fabulous new yarns to the collection. Click below to see the full r
Rowan Yarns (picture from their website)
When I emerged, the weather was, if anything, darker and more ominous, but my spirits had lifted and I was back to my sunny self again.    

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