Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wednesday 28th November - half an hour of breathing

On Wednesday I somehow managed to create a gap between schools that was long enough to chill out in a warm and welcoming venue:

I had an excellent hot cornish pasty, and a pot of Proper Tea made with a posh "teapig" teabag instead of the usual cheapo economy job. The cornish pasty got "et" before I could photograph it.

The cafe was bustling in a low-key, cheerful way, and the gift shop area full of good ideas which I shall follow up for Christmas shopping next week, when I will hopefully be able to return.

Outside it was WINTER. The sun was just about shining;

 but there was a cold, bracing breeze, determined clouds and dripping icy rain.

My mother had a bit of a reverse this week; forward progress was put on hold. Who would have thought that stroke patients would be in such pain? Her "disregarded" leg seems very prone to severe cramp; and I have often spent time in visits working away at it to try and relax the spasm. Who can do this for her when I am not there? However, as this post has been written at the weekend, I can report that things have improved since then. 


  1. Just to say, still thinking "muchly" of you. Pauses for tea and the chance to survey wintry weather from a warm place are a real gift of God, aren't they? Tea pigs are a great treat - love 'em too! (Have you tried the Chilli one? An effective winter warmer.)

  2. Ah, Tea pigs are wonderful, aren't they? I only discovered them the other week. I'm enjoying a pot of their Winter Red Tea this very moment. Goes nicely with a drop of ginger liqueur to chase away the cold!