Monday 24 June 2013

Monday 24th June - I'm back! (Not that I've been away!)

So, my calendar has been looking like this, every week, for the past few weeks:

and those are just the items that got themselves written down.

I've managed to get the really important stuff done - stuff like turning up to work, remembering dentist appointments, writing school reports, getting enough items of underwear through the laundry, taking a repeat prescription to the surgery.

Less vital stuff - house work, food shopping, clearing up - has just gone by the wayside.

The cupboards and fridge were BARE when it came to Sunday lunch. Husband and I were OK - he found some bits and pieces and a scrap of cheese. I had a bowl of porridge. Daughter was properly out of luck and had to slip out to the corner shop and buy a sandwich (I suppose she could have had another bowl of cereal?)

I been managing to get the music jungle up at some stage over the weekends ( , and write the important snail-mail letters in the week, but the letter from home just hasn't happened.

The other blogs have just been left lying fallow. And I have been well behind with keeping up with other people's blogs - at one point there were over 200 unread items in my reader. Ooof.

And as for tidying up...  well all I can say is there's work to be done here!

The Dining Room table

The Sitting Room

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