Tuesday 30 July 2013

30th July - Summer "holiday"

I have made my "to-do" list for this week.

I use a pad I bought at a favourite "stuff" shop; Sparks Yard in Arundel

Hand-Lettered To Do Pad
The four sections are

Tasks: I have filled this one with a list of things that have to get done, and overflowed into

Correspondence: which already had 5 letters, an email and a birthday card before it filled up with tasks

Errands: (top right) has been re-labelled Housework, and has 8 items

Notes: has become a day-by-day ready reference of Appointments for each day. Every day has something scheduled - for example the last music lesson, a doctor's appointment. Some of the things are nice things - meeting up with an family friend for lunch, friends coming round.

The writing at the bottom of the pad says "make a list - you'll feel better."

There's also a tick box at the very bottom corner for ALL DONE. I've never yet managed that!

You will have noticed that none of the items are reading, writing, drawing, music-making. That's what I do instead of the stuff that's actually on the list. "Not good enough" you say! Well, I have a cunning and secret plan about that. SECRET, I said. So I'm not telling.

So far I have crossed off 7 Tasks and 1 Correspondence. And I managed to remember the Appointments for Monday without problems. Housework isn't going so well; if I did two items a day, the whole lot would be done easy-peasy. So that means doing FOUR today tomorrow to catch up!


Happy Holidays, everyone!

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