Tuesday 6 August 2013

Tuesday 6th August - Music on my Kindle


I've been meaning to work out how to have MY choice of background music when reading my Kindle.

Of course, the easiest option is to plug my ears into my mp3 player. Of course.

However I have discovered that if you connect the kindle to the pc using the usb lead, you can easily load mp3 files into its directory "music". Then you can play/pause them using "alt + space" on your keyboard (I said I had an old-fashioned steam-driven kindle!). I've no idea what you do if you don't have a keyboard but it must be something similar.

Amazon Kindle 3.JPG

Hurray! - ish...

The Kindle will play the mp3 files in the order that they are loaded, and you have no way of choosing which one you would LIKE to listen to. Your only control apart from play/pause is "alt + f" which lets you skip a track.

I have loaded several albums into the Kindle and it happily chunters through them all in sequence; the fact that the tracks are in folders seems to present no obstacle.

It's not perfect, but anything is better than listening to someone else's headphones going "ch chch ch ch", or an irritating conversation about what "he said to her and she said back and then he said but she answered and so he's not talking to her" (and by now I wish they'd all stop talking to each other NOW).

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