Wednesday 7 August 2013

Wednesday 7th August - Really Dire Poetry

There was an old man of Tralee
Who was stung on the knee by a wasp,
When they asked "did it hurt?"
He replied "not a bit,
"But I'm so glad it wasn't a hornet!"

There was an old man of Japan,
Whose limericks would never exactly scan.
There was also the line
That didn't quite rhyme,
So you'd best forget it as soon as you can.

I'm fiddling around with a bit of "Creative Writing" following a book by Judy Reeves called "A Writer's Book of Days". It is full of snippets and encouragements about writing, and also gives a "writing prompt" for every day of the year. I only manage to get around to doing this in any regular fashion in August, and as I did the August prompts last year, I'm following May this year.

I'm already behind; today I have reached May 5th and the prompt is "The moon made me do it"

Here goes:

"Hunting for Rhymes"

The moon made me do it,
Made me make a rhyme with "spoon",
And also think of June,
Dark nights, lined with silver.

The sun made me do it,
Made me make a dreadful pun,
A vision of my son
Sitting with an orange.

The star made me do it,
Made me think of space, so far,
The distant skies, black as tar,
Pinpoints, shining like new iron.

I think I really should stop here.
These rhymes are grating on my ear.

Being original
Isn't a realistical

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