Friday 25 October 2013

Wednesday 25th October - third comestible extravagance this week

After the surprise extravagances of Monday's flat white and croissant at The Artisan Bakery, and Tuesday's Hot Chocolate at the Camellia Bottnar Garden Centre, I found myself at Wakehurst Place on Wednesday.

About 5 years ago I was a regular here every week, between the morning school (keyboards with Falcon Class, year 3) and the afternoon school (two sessions of keyboards with years 5 and 6, and year 3 and 4). I would arrive here at about ten-thirty, settle down with my lap-top, a pot of tea and a croissant and get masses of work done before getting to the school at about 12:30, for packed lunch and teaching.

I have blogged about their Cornish Pasty before, but failed to photograph it:

because I ate it all up first.

My packed lunch today was a bit inadequate, so I thought I'd have another pasty. I was out of luck, but the sausage rolls looked nice. Once of those, and a coffee, and whack in "Mary Had A Baby"* in F# major on Sibelius (software programme on my laptop) for beginner keyboard players and that would be time well spent.

I thought I would be getting a sausage roll on a plate; I hadn't bargained for a complete lunch;

Excellent! What made it so special was not just the oven-baked wedgie potatoes, or the fresh green salad with some herby leaves in it, but also the little dish of WARM chutney that came with it - warm chutney, now there's a very clever idea.
I took some time to browse round the shop. It's a good source for Christmas presents, and have taken note of one that might be a good idea for someone.  
No time to buy anything today. So I carried along my way... half term half term half term............
All this eating out will have to stop sooner or later but I am enjoying myself while it lasts.

*Why "Mary Had  Baby and F# major? Most of the Christmas Carols are entirely hostile for beginner keyboard players. The plan is that the keyboard kiddos can play the "Mary had a Baby" bit on the black notes, and the other kiddos can sing the whole song and everyone will be happy. Hopefully.

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