Tuesday 12 November 2013

Monday 11th November - what happened to this post?

hey ho. It's Tuesday. This daily blogging lark isn't going as well as in previous years.

I was traipsing around town in the rain yesterday, having run out of time for the million-and-one- errands I was supposed to be doing. However I did have time for some of them; the ones which involved sitting down with a coffee and writing a couple of letters which could then be posted in the post-box across from the favourite café.

Did I mention the rain? The pavements were slick, and the metal drain-cover outside the café was slippery.

I can't actually recall the exact series of movements, as one, and then the other, and then both, feet seemed to suddenly disconnect from my body and go in weird directions sequentially and simultaneously. I hung onto my handbag, laptop, and what remained of my balance for dear life, determined not to hit the hard paving stones, while an interested audience stood by waiting to see how the adventure would end.

After about half an hour - or maybe 5 seconds, I found myself to be "at rest" - that is in terms of movement, not heart rate. I had slightly sprained my left foot, left hand and right elbow, although I don't think I actually hit anything (walls, drainpipes, bystanders).

So I smiled sweetly at the small crowd gathered around me, and wibbled into the café for a flat white and a croissant and a slight case of the shakes.

And prayers of thankfulness. It could have ended so differently.

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