Saturday 16 November 2013

Saturday 16th November - Another project started!

All craft projects are now on hold;

the blanket made of knitted squares,

the quilt

 the Tunisian crochet blanket

 until the latest Top Secret Project, started today, is finished.

I'm saying no more to anyone about it, so don't ask. I'll let you know when it is completed. If it gets completed.


  1. I MUST ask, I MUST . . . . . (Blazing Saddles)

    So it's either not a craft or it will never get completed as all craft projects are on hold ( otherwise does not compute)

  2. I'm saying no more! (except that phase 1 is complete, phase 2 is underway, and the first part of phase 3 is prepared ready for implementation. And I've singed my fingers with the steam iron several times already)