Saturday 23 November 2013

Saturday 23rd November - Proper Cup of Tea

In honour of a Good Day's Work I have made a Proper Cup of Tea.

Real Tea Leaves
in a Real Tea Pot
with Cups and Saucers
and Fruit Cake on a Plate
and a Tea Strainer
and a Milk Jug.

Like So.

There are three pieces of cake because of weight watching. My new method is to eat only half of what Best Beloved has. So if he has two slices of cake, I can have one. It seems to be working, sort of.
I nearly ruined the whole effect by filling the milk jug with water, but luckily I spotted the mistake in time.
Ahhh. Luverly.

1 comment:

  1. Ah! Does this mean Hest Beloved needs a new wardrobe due to weight gain on account of you REALLY wanting the two slices so Best a Beloved has yo have four