Thursday 10 April 2014

April 10th - Tewkesbury 8 - Our comfortable abode

Old engraving of the gatehouse (photograph of picture at the bottom of the stairs to the "bedroom"

Where we sleep - a sort of balcony, with the bathroom and kitchen built underneath;

The kitchen area - there is a window opposite the sink.

View from the upstairs sleeping area looking down at the living room. The log burner is going beautifully.

The table, two chairs and a bench are directly under where I was standing to take the last picture. I reckon you could seat 10 people without being too crowded. I'm sitting at one end right now, where my laptop is in the picture.

I think the other chair must have been made for Richard 11, the Crookback (according to Wikipedia he developed idiopathic scoliosis. ) 
Richard III earliest surviving portrait.jpg
Anyway, this chair, made to the same pattern as the other, doesn't have a straight line in its body. It's surprisingly comfortable to sit in.

A bathroom is a bathroom. I'm not getting up to photograph it. It has a loo and a basin and a bath, in a darkly panelled cabin under the sleeping platform.

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