Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday 14th April - Today

Today is the

Tomorrow you

worried about
Trite, but true.

I went to bed last night worrying about various things, and have woken up this morning at peace.

(Temporarily. It won't last. "Peace" never does!)

Living "in the moment" will ensure that The Peace will linger for a while.

One more cup of coffee, and then I shall make the "To-Do" list for this week;

Immediate tasks - Easter Eggs to wrap and post, a letter of condolence to write, postcards to write, various house work chores, clear the dining-room table, sweep and hoover through the house, change the sheets on the bed, laundry, ironing (that's been on the list for several weeks, and refers to 9 tablecloths, one from Christmas!).

"Work" work - lesson planning for next term, tidying away piles of music from last term, The Music Jungle blog to update (that's been silent for three weeks now which is Not Good).

Gardening - I'm about to lose the battle with the goose-grass and mares-tail again. I've seeds to plant and lawn edges to trim and general junk to clear/throw/tidy.

"Me" stuff - writing, drawing, painting, playing the piano.

Well, let's just see how much of this gets done this week!

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