Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tewkesbury 2 - Darkness and Light

When we put the lights out last night, it all went dark. Properly dark. We have out own personal streetlight at home, planted outside our bedroom window, which stays on until midnight.

After a few minutes, the darkness became less complete, but even so, it was night time for real.

The wonderful thing was waking early in the morning (the alarm has been set for 6 am for so many years that our internal alarms are hardwired now). A pale, silver light was creeping in through the windows and differentiating the high lights and shadows of the monk who supports one corner of the ceiling. How fitting, that he should be the one to see in the dawn - lauds?

The light slowly, imperceptibly, but actually rather quickly, if you see what I mean, became yellow and then gold. The Angel Gabriels's hair was tinged with gold, then his face, then the angels on the other side of the room...

We started the day with coffee in bed (I did that bit) and then croissants and marmalade and more coffee downstairs in the morning sun (he did that bit). Whisky marmalade, thanks to a Christmas present, and Chantry Hotel marmalade, thanks to a good friend.

Once we were ready, we sallied forth into the town.

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