Sunday 4 May 2014

Saturday 3rd May 2014 - Catch up Photos

This should have been posted yesterday. What happened there!

Number One Son has set a general challenge to people who follow his blog; to post a photograph everyday through May.

I might just have a go at this; but will need to put up three photos today to catch up.

So, here goes;

3rd May

  The view across the lake at Sheffield Park, East Sussex, this afternoon. Now, if I had brought some kind of free-standing hammock with me, it would have been lovely just have a little rest and enjoy the view...
Redstone Garden Hammock and Stand (Lounger/Swing Chair)            

with afternoon tea set out on a little table beside me. (I don't think the last two pictures count to the challenge as I have just snicked them from the internet)

2nd May

Here's a doodle (that I did earlier - I didn't actually create any PICTURES, only SOUNDS/MUSIC/NOISE on 1st and 2nd May)

It's a tree. I drew it on my phone using Picasso. The app. Not the artist.

1st May

I'm taking pictures of flowers that I would like to have in our garden once we have sorted it out enough to plant anything. Dicentra, or Dutchman's Trousers, or Bleeding Hearts. I love them, especially these pink-and-white ones, and also the ones that are plain white.

Not sure why you can't read the label properly - it's fine on my phone. Its says Dicentra spectabilis (syn. Lamprocampnos spectabilis). Now you know.

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