Monday 12 May 2014

Sunday 11th May - photographs - De-Cluttering

The two little type trays I ordered came on Saturday, and I spent a happy hour or so filling them up with the little itty-bitties buried under layers of dust on this shelving unit;

(For Habitat afficiandos, we bought this unit, called "Tic-Tac" back in 1983. It was love at first sight. We were delighted to discover that it exactly fitted the gap beside the fire in this house).
Here are the two type trays; after 24 hours nothing has fallen down, so I reckon it will be OK. It was a bit of a determined struggle to make the daughter's watch stay on its ledge (lower unit, towards the top right).

I love the eclectic mixture of items; it reminds me of my grandmother's "curiosity cabinet" that she had in the corner of her dining room when she lived in Holcot. Some of the items come from that cabinet (the little Swiss china doll) and some come from the attic of the house in Bursledon. The two copper candlesticks (lower unit, top left) used to sit on the bookshelf outside my bedroom in Chalfont St Peter.

We now plan to buy (or make) a slightly larger scale version, deeper, for the china miniatures and other small ornaments which are still on the Tic-tac.


  1. For some reason I read this on my feed as "litter trays." Just as well I've an eye check-up due in August. Love the new arrangement though. :) Keep up the good work and maybe you'll inspire me to declutter the study!

  2. "We now plan to buy (or make) " (please bold "make" means BB will need more high quality tools (which will consume the inner of the garage replacement)

    At this rate we wont recognize the place (or is that the idea :-) )

    1. Somethings never change. Dust. Weeds. You'll recognise the place ok, never fear.