Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday 13th May - Sunset - photograph

We have had the most beautiful pale pink-and-blue-and-grey sunset sky, visible from our sitting room window, looking towards the North West.

And a brighter, silver and gold and duck-egg-blue sunset, visible from our west-facing dining room window. Something along these lines, but alive and vivid. My mobile phone camera really doesn't have much of a hope at capturing what I can see.

Watching the sky was a huge solace during the long months following my mother's stroke, back in October 2012. It  was a great source of - not sure what, exactly. Space. Peace, Breadth. Perspective.

I remember last year, when I was nearing the end of a course of cyclophosphamide treatment, and beginning to feel quite tired and run down, all I wanted was to be driven somewhere where I could sit in a warm, sheltered spot, and look at a wide, expansive view, of sky, or sea, or even better, both at the same time.

Right now, that's what I feel in need of. Space, Peace, Breadth, Perspective.

It's because my diary, from now until the beginning of August, has suddenly become crammed with a whole load of dates. There are routine hospital appointments and blood tests, and dates when we need to do things for my family, and dates and times when we need to do things for Best Beloved's family.
Not to mention the way that the Summer Term teaching always gets disrupted by SATS tests, schools trips, Inset days and Sports Days, so that I am continually altering and updating my calendar. (And I also need to remember that they want the school music reports completed before half term if possible).

It will be OK once I get my head around all the dates and events and deadlines. It's this interim state, when I'm still not clear in my mind about everything, that I get anxious that I will miss a crucial deadline, or appointment.

So, what shall I do? Just look at the sky, and breathe. See, feeling better already!     

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