Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday 28th May - The cake is delicious

The table is much improved.

After I made the coffee cake, and planted out some beans and peas into tubs in the garden, I set to work...

I've put the Discworld game away, and the sheet music and school music is all back where it belongs.

I've reinstated the wall-hanging (that was replaced by the Advent calendar at Christmas, which was in turn taken down at Epiphany - that's January, come to think of it).

I've chucked away a stack of paper, tidied stationery items and put everything into neat piles.

I've written up the lessons from last week, finished the school reports, drunk a glass of sherry and eaten a small dish of olives.

The to-do list has had a few more items crossed off, and the cake (which we had as desert after supper) was excellent. Good show!

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