Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday 18th August - Making things

I sort of managed to keep going with the Make-something-every-day challenge whiile we were away in the holiday cottage.

I can't remember what I made when, through 8th-17th August.

Some trial paper cuts using a craft knife I bought on the first day of the holiday.

A papercut bird, using the pattern on one of the cushions at the holiday cottage as a starting point.

Some chocolate cookies (eaten before they were photographed, but I have the tightness of my waistband as evidence

A paper plait

Several inches on my current piece of Tunisian crochet (which then had to be taken back because I had lost 5 stitches of the width as I went along

An origami chicken (we were staying at The Poultry Cottage and there were pictures of chickens everywhere)

A chromatography flower using kitchen paper and ink from my fountain pen

The drawing for the next papercut bird, using the other half of the pattern on the cushion

Decorations on my Moleskine diary and notebook

A fruit cake

Some scones. More scones. All gone.

So I reckon I've been keeping on top of things. And I still haven't had to use my emergency extra make that I prepared earlier.

Today I made apple sauce using the windfall apples from our tree.

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