Monday 10 November 2014

Monday 10th November - Shift Work

Oh, the evils and perils of shift work.

Not that I work shifts, no. But somewhere nearby we have a neighbour who does.

I've no idea who he/she is, or where they work, but they are back on "Earlies", as in setting off for work around 2 am.

Usually I manage to go back to sleep fairly quickly, but at the moment I have got six school concerts, and a whole slew of music examination candidates to accompany, and a particularly tricky set of samba classes to keep me awake once I am awake.

Plus mulling over how I am going to go about teaching recorders to Very Young Children next term (my personal opinion is DON'T GO THERE but - hey, it's a fait accompli) and also teaching samba to Fairly Young Children. Another fait accompli.

And thinking through how I am going to teach semitones and tones to children who don't play keyboards - that's my steadily growing Grade 1 theory class which started last week with 11 on the register, 13 turning up, and has now reached 16...

Looks like I shall have plenty of time to work through all these knotty problems over the next couple of weeks.

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