Monday 17 November 2014

Monday 17th November - Mad Monday

Drive 0.5 mile, teach an infant school music club between 8 and 8:50. All was going well until I got the boomwhackers out. They discovered they could make trumpety noises by blowing raspberries through them. Memo to self; buy some sterilizing tablets and disinfect them (the boomwhackers, not the children) before infecting the next class.
Boomwhackers, Treble Diatonic Set

Drive 20 miles, (40 minutes) teach samba to a year 4 class. They are coming along brilliantly. Adding guitars and beginner violins to the mix might not be my best ever idea but it certainly livens things up.

Junior samba pack for 15 players with compact nesting surdos

Drive 30 miles, (50 minutes) teach a 20 minute piano lesson. Yes, that really can't be economic, but sometimes crazy scheduling happens. The lesson is quite close to the school I will be teaching in on Monday afternoons next term, so wont last for ever.

Drive 4 miles to recommended village shop/cafe for lunch. Worth the detour. Spent fast paced hour catching up on a week's paperwork, writing two reports, drinking two cappuchinos, eating a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and two chocolate chip biscuits.

Drive 8 miles to next school. Djembe lesson for year 3. After despairing over this class all term, they have suddenly brought it all together. Or else I have discovered the secret of teaching this particular class. Some classes are like that. Anyway, a great lesson.

BD27 Wood djembe

Drive 6 miles home. Catch up on work emails and relax for an hour.

Two more lessons to go; rehearsing with a violinist for forthcoming exam, and a theory lesson.

68 miles, over 2 hours of driving, 6 lessons varying in length from 20 to 50 minutes.

All done!

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