Sunday 23 November 2014

Saturday 22nd November - Erasable Pens

I reckon most people who read this blog will still be asleep at 8am on a Sunday morning. So if I get this post up before they wake, will it count as yesterday's post?

Saturday's new toy was a set of erasable pens, which I wanted for marking music theory. (I confess now to having a  problem with stationery and stationery shops. I l u r v e  pens and notebooks and accessories and folders and everything like that - haven't fathomed out why yet.)

Product Details

I insist that the students work in pencil, so they can rub out mistakes. But I'm always making mistakes in my marking, so I need to be able to rub out as I go along too. If I mark in pencil, then it doesn't stand out from their work and they don't bother with my comments or do their corrections.

Erasable pens look to be the perfect solution. Weirdly, that isn't an eraser on the end of the pen. The ink is removed by heat and friction.

At the front of their books, I have pasted in an index sheet of all the exercises, so that I can see at a glance how they are doing.

When they have done their corrections, I will be able to rub out the red ink, and replace it with the word "complete" and a star in blue ink. I think the system will work excellently well until the children suss out that rubbing anything smooth over the red writing will erase it, and then they can forge my handwriting in blue ink. Well, that's also a sign of intelligence. Of a sort.

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