Tuesday 4 November 2014

Tuesday 4th November - Car Spotting

This morning, first thing, I was teaching in a school in a town twenty miles away from home.

This morning, a bit later on, my husband was driving my father to drop him off at the hospital in the same town for the second of his cataract operations (this first was last month, and went very well).

So, all the way home, until I reached the motorway, I found myself scanning the oncoming traffic to see if I would spot my husband's car. Except, of course, when I was otherwise occupied by roundabouts, cyclists, roadworks and other random hazards along the way.

Anyway, turns out that they arrived at the hospital in good time (driving gently) and my husband made the return journey rather more briskly, so he arrived home barely ten minutes behind me.

Heigh ho - car spotting livened up a rather dull commute.

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