Wednesday 19 November 2014

Wednesday 19th November 2014 - Whacky Wednesday

So, what shall I post today?

Shall I wax all rhapsodical about driving along country roads through showers of autumnal leaves fluttering down from the sky like giant moths, landing wetly on my windscreen before slipstreaming to the side of the road? This is one of my favouurite times of year for driving from school to school. When it isn't raining, of course.

Or comment on how the leaves have all finally come off a great oak tree, revealing the deserted nests of the rookery that last spring were each home to a rook, all bobbing up and down, incubating eggs and feeding nestlings?

Or whinge about singing "Jingle Bells" about thirty times this afternoon at the top of my voice while teaching three back-to-back classes of ukuleles to switch between C, G and F chords?

Oh, here, why don't you have a go? The chords are
FFCC GGG; (hey!)
FFCC GGC: (hey!)

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