Tuesday 30 December 2014

Tuesday 30th December - Throw it away! Chuck it out!

Items 12 and 13 on the list! Sort out hair accessories. Done.

They are all in a basket on the windowsill at the bottom of the stairs (that's where I do my hair, in as much as it gets "done").

So, empty out the basket and what do I find? A torch? An allen key? Two things for blanking off electric sockets? A pair of ancient varifocal glasses going back to - when?

I split the heap into four; Throw it Away, This Must Belong to The Daughter, This Belongs Somewhere Else, Back Into The Basket. There is a slight fail in the latter category, as I found a number of "Gym Joey" badges (daughter?) and Scout badges (son?) which, for lack of any other solution, I've put back into the basket.

And Ugh Ugh Ugh. That left me with some pretty solid cobwebs and some fairly large dessicated house spiders to clear up. To begin with I wasn't totally sure that they were dead, but they didn't react when I gingerly poked them with a longish stick. Good job I didn't know that they lived there when they were alive.

Item 17: Kitchen Utensils you don't use. Most of them went out yesterday, but this wooden fork as never, ever been used - came as part of a bundle of more or less useful implements. And I suspect that mottled grey shading is mildew. OUT! OUT!

Parting (with all this junk) is such sweet JOY!

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