Thursday 22 January 2015

Sunday 18th January - 116 things to throw away


Checking through the list of 116 Things to Throw Away, I've managed to clear another seven categories. I didn't actually Do the Deeds today as I am not energetic enough to do much more than sit around and drink endless mugs of tea or hot water.

However these glass jars are leaving the house as soon as they are washed - this de-cluttering business is going well. So that's a bonus item.

The biggest de-clutter of all has been the garage. I have no firm idea of what was in it, and where it has all gone ('I should be able to burn most of that', said the contractor).  I know that there were old bits of bicycle, bits and pieces of furniture, wood off-cuts, cardboard boxes, half tins of stuff, broken things waiting to be mended or thrown out... Now the garage, and just about everything that was in it has gone. Good.

That's the easiest way to let go of stuff. Let someone else, who has no attachment to the stuff, do the deed.

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