Sunday 1 March 2015

Sunday 1st March - Done, and still To Do

davince todolist
Translation of Leonardi's "To Do List"

Leonardo da Vinci exhibition
Leonardo Da Vinci's "To Do List"

I wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci ever finished all the items on his list?

Here's ours

Done, so far today (3pm):


  • Played for 9am church service
  • Chatted to several people after church
  • Wrote up
  • Wrote up this blog (well, writing up this blog!)
  • Ate lunch
  • Made cup of tea


  • Still working with my parents on finding the best way to arrange their sitting room
  • Arranging for IKEA delivery to their flat tomorrow
  • Taking boxes to Lock and Store, re-arranging storage area to fit new boxes in
  • Sorting through old box of tools  
  • Making and eating lunch

Still To Do (preferably before Sunday 8th March)


  • Lesson Planning
  • Monday (recorders, piano, samba, djembe, theory) 
  • Tuesday (recorders, theory, ukulele, 2 more piano lessons)
  • Wednesday (keyboard, samba, recorders, ukulele, 2 more piano lessons)
  • Thursday (Music Club, ukulele, 3 class music lessons, theory, exam rehearsal)
  • Friday (Music Club, exam rehearsals, recorders, ukuleles, 3 more piano lessons)

Other: ("free" time; This afternoon, Monday 3:30 and 4:30, Tuesday 0:45 and 12:00)

  • Haircut
  • 5 letters outstanding (3 from Christmas)
  • Invitation to reply to for Sunday
  • 2 telephone calls to reply to
  • Work admin and emails
  • Clean bathroom and loo
  • Women's World Day of Prayer on Friday
  • Start taking the bags (about 8) to the charity shop


  • Housework
  • Washing basket is over-flowing
  • Fridge is empty
  • Weeds are growing
  • Grass is growing
  • 3 IKEA cabinets to make up and install
  • Planning renovation of our bedroom
  • Following up Double Glazing installation dates
  • Take stuff to the tip
  • Loads of other stuff that I don't know about

I'll let you know how we get on.

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  1. I was just told grass cutting at this time is obscene! Our gr ass, and weeds, likely don't be seen for at least two weeks if not four as they are under two feet of snow