Thursday 30 July 2015

Thursday 30th July - Brighton

What shall we do today? The weather looks reasonable (cloudy, sunny, overcast, bright, windy, calm, warm, a bit chilly, all by turns).

Mottisfont Abbey being rather a long way to go, we went to Brighton instead.

We made our usual pilgrimages to The Utility Shop

(image from their website at


where you can find all things utilitarian (bought a dozen hankies for £2.50 and an unbreakable soap-dish. Resisted wantable blue-and-white Swedish china platters decorated with ships and roses and anchors, based on popular tattoo designs in the Navy)

and to Pen to Paper

(image from here

where you can find many things pen- and ink- and paper- and notebook-ish, especially moleskine (bought a nifty pencilsharpening rubber, or perhaps it is an erasing pencilsharpener, hard to tell really, and Yet Another lickle-ickle tin of coloured cartridges - eclat de saphir this time - for my lickle-ickle Herbin fountain pen.)

En passant we examined all the mysterious products in Yum-Yum Oriental Market, a little further along. Sydney Street. Oh wow. But not this time - I didn't want to lug a load of weird and wonderful ingredients around Brighton.

By now my eyes were full of everything we'd seen, so lunch (Carluccios - pick the tables with chairs, not benches as the springs are going, but the food's still good) and a stroll along the sea-front back to the car.

I was completely done - (had been since Oriental market, if truth be told) but made it back.

A brief stop at "The Hiker's Rest" Saddlecombe, nested into the South Downs below Devil's Dyke, for tea and cake, and home.

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