Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tuesday 28th July - NOT reading books

These posts are going to come thick and fast, and in the wrong order, now that the holidays have started.

The Summer Cold that I started over a week ago was threatening to become a chest infection. So on Saturday 25th I started the antibiotics that I keep ready in my private pharmacy "just in case".

Good decision.  I tested out my stamina mooching around Guildford (walking up the High Street is always a good diagnostic procedure) and found that I was "creeping" up the hill rather than walking. Reminds me of the stories of Grandfather's car which had to tackle some hill somewhere in the west Country in reverse gear, as that was the only gear with enough - power? torque? whatever - to get to the top.

I have tried walking uphill backwards to see if it is easier. But not on this occasion.

Anyway, "taking-it-easy" wasn't scheduled to happen until Monday - and by today I was bored with lolling around and got stuck into the bookshelves which have been annoying me for months.

result - well, the bookshelves still appear to be almost completely full.

 These are the ones in the sitting-room.

I also had a good sort out of the ones above our bed, over my chest of drawers, and the two bookshelves on the landing. They all appear to be completely unchanged - still crammed with books. One bookshelf looks very much like another, so I haven't trundled upstairs to photograph them.

And another 12 bags of books to the charity shop.

Monday was a duvet day, (more about that another time - I did say I'd be posting things in the wrong order, didn't I?), and I reckon most of tomorrow will have to be one too. The secret seems to be Not To Get Dressed, which makes me less likely to climb up and down step-stools and lug the books around.

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