Sunday 22 November 2015

Sunday 22nd November - Afterwards

The plans sort of worked.

That's probably because there was no salmon, so no bear was tempted to gate-crash?

No, it's because of so many willing hands making light work. Thank you to all the family and friends who helped set up and clear up,

and to all the family and friends who helped to make it such a great occasion.

The occasion?

My parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Tea Party.

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Unfortunately my mother couldn't be there, as she was taken into hospital over a week ago with the consequences of a chest infection. There were serious conversations as to whether it was at all appropriate for the party to go ahead under the circumstances. However we decided to carry on, and then, as the day drew near, she suddenly began to show real signs of improvement. She's still in hospital, and has got a way to go yet. But the celebration became a CELEBRATION.

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