Tuesday 8 December 2015

Tuesday 8th September - Advent 8

This came out of the little drawer in my Advent Cupboard-Calendar today....

Fudge Melts GREEN TEA??????
I took it to work, but didn't make it. I thought I need a bit more time to get used to the idea. I got through an energetic djembe session, teaching the children a Christmas conga rhythm:
Instead of drumming to the rhythm of "Everybody CONGA, C'mon and do the CONGA" I changed the words to "Ev'ryone it's CHRISTMAS, C'mon join in it's CHRISTMAS". Drumming was wildly enthusiastic (but I soon got that sorted out , to just plain enthusiastic. Much better.)
After lunch more teaching, ending with Wildly Enthusiastic samba. That was harder to "sort out" but it eventually came together.
Home, and I turned my attention to The Tea.

I followed the instructions Exactly, and took a careful sip. OW!
Too hot. But a lovely aroma of warm fudge. Once it was cooler, I tried again. It's an interesting experience. It swells of vanilla fudge, tastes of green tea, with an unusual  after-taste of unsweetened fudge. Definitely one to try again.

We've got the lametta on the tree now. Makes all the difference.

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