Wednesday 16 December 2015

Wednesday 16th December - Sit-Rep 16

Blog posts with this title concern my mother's current situation. Family and friends will know more of the background and context, and this is primarily for them.

The two men went off together this morning, and found my mother in the finishing stages of having her hair done. Excellent! They were sent to kick their heels in the front hall until she was ready to make an entrance.

I've seen the photographs - she's looking good!

Then my mother and father went for a bit of a trundle in the electric wheelchair to explore the other wing of the Nursing Home. There and back again, and then she decided that she'd had enough excitement for now and headed back to her room. While they were waiting for the nurses to come and get her back into bed, my mother issued the men with detailed instructions regarding a Chateaubriand that she would like them to have; where to buy it (she has definite views on butchers) and how to cook it; apparently it must be seared on both sides, and then cooked in a medium hot  oven for exactly the right length of time, and allowed to stand. I hope they buy enough for me to have some too.

I reckon that tomorrow may be a "rest-day" after this morning. It's not just the (admittedly slow-mo!) buzzing about in the electric wheelchair, and all the concentration that takes, but also the effort of transferring from bed to wheelchair, and back again which can be so tiring.    

Oh, and she did get her chicken soup last night!

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