Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday 15th January 2016 - Family Life


Ornamental Cabbages by the front door. They make me smile every time I come home!

It's Friday again - how did that happen so fast? Each day seems to last forever, and then the weeks fly past so quickly. I'm doing extra teaching this term, did I say? I can't remember. But that means my days are fuller than usual, so it has been a week since we've been to visit my mother.

It was an opportunity for us to do a few small things for her, and catch up on news. The cards that arrive almost every day are hugely appreciated. She mentioned that she owed several people letters, but isn't ready yet to tackle writing yet. I suggested that we could bring some cards, and she could dictate and sign them - so maybe the post will become two-way soon! 

Last Wednesday my brother came down overnight so he was able to visit on Thursday with my father. My mother has picked up a chest infection; the staff asked a doctor to check her out, and so it has been caught early on. Hopefully the penicillin will do its job quickly. The chest infection has made her tired, and a bit breathless, but otherwise she's ok. I don't know if it is just "one of those things" or possibly caused by a couple of dysphagia incidents when drinking.

After a discussions with her doctor, it has become clear that she will have to stay at the nursing home for several months yet - and she is having to get used to the idea that going back to the flat is not going to happen any day soon. She needs to be a lot stronger, and the eating and swallowing issues sorted out before going home becomes a possibility.

One good consequence of this decision is that she has chosen a favourite painting from Holland to be brought in. It's a tough situation - up to now I think she's been reluctant to bring too many things into her room in the hope that she wouldn't be staying long. Now that it is clear that she will be there for a while longer, then - why not bring things in? We can always take them back, or change them. So I am glad that she has changed her mind about making the room look more lived-in.
Jacob van Ruisdael, The Windmill at Wijk (1670)

And no, this is not the picture we took to the nursing home! This one hangs in the Rijksmuseum! I'm sure she would love it if we could borrow it, for the amazing sky, and the light catching the tiled roof of the house.

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