Monday 4 January 2016

Monday 4th January - A Tree

I'm back at work. Blessedly, my first two schools have inset days and so I had time to clear and re-Stock the Pink Bag.

Martha Stewart clearly didn't have me in mind when she created this for her "Beautiful Home and Office" collection. I still have to go through and sort the document wallets (pink for Piano, Blue, Green and others for various schools) but at least I can lift the bag now.

I don't think Martha Stewart had this in mind either:

(The Pink Bag hasn't changed colour; when I bought them they were "two for the price of one" AND half price, so at a tenner each they became worth the money. At the original price of £40 each they would have been  a steal. As in theft, from me.)

However I seemed to have transferred the paperwork to the dining room table, (and about 100 sheets or more of paper to recycling.) You know when term is in progress, because the dining room table suffers from what BB all-too-accurately calls "surface-filing".

Ah, what of The Tree. I saw it as I stopped in the car park for the school. Here it is;

Just look at it. Isn't beautiful? That pale streak all the way up the sheltered side of the nearest trunk? The way the branches appear like one of those sculpted celtic beasts, climbing and climbing - is it a dragon? A mythological insect?


And that artfully arranged ivy. The old leaves, caught in the crevice, a bright shining bronze.

I did really sit and stare for a while, before taking the pictures. Elemental. Ageless.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Then it was onwards.

It began a bit "iffily"  with the "Ding dong, I've got a rhythm in my head" song. No, Listen. Wait. Watch. Pay attention. (It's a "challenging" class with a few "characters" in it.)

and continued in the same vein....

 If you play your drum when I'm talking, I WILL take it away. Like this...

I'm counting down to five and you will all be quiet by the time I get there... 5,   4,   3,    2      1     well done.

Yeah - we got there  Teaching and Learning happened. Ding dong. Djabber Djabber Djembe. And they all smiled and said thank you at the end, so that was all right.

Home. Tea. One Piano Lesson (nice one). Sherry.

I'm glad I took the picture of the tree - otherwise all memory of it would have been wiped by the work of teaching the lesson.

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