Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday - 27th March 2016

It's felt a bit like Christmas Day today.

For a start, I discovered that my Christmas Cactus had surreptitiously produced a couple of flowers on the side facing away from me. How come I never spotted them?

Then the Easter church service felt a lot like a Christmas Service. Apart from it being Hot Cross Buns and a Chocolate Fountain to go with the pre-service coffee, rather than mince pies.  A quiz, with Easter eggs for prizes (what is Easter Egg an anagram for?).

The difference being that we also celebrated communion, standing in a large circle, two deep in places, all around the modern square building as bread and wine were brought round.

The weather - cold, rain, hail, blustering wind, sunshine and rainbows;

And a bit traditional celebratory meal with all four of us and my father; roast lamb and all the trimmings, cheese and biscuits, fruit salad (no takers) and finishing off with special seasonal items - Easter Eggs all round. Time for himself to be taken back to his flat for a post-prandiel snooze before his regular Sunday Evening Quiz. Ah yes. The answer is Segregate. That's if you haven't forgotten the question.

An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt prepared by the youngsters for us oldies and a decorated tree;

The rest of the afternoon was "doing your own thing" until - as is traditional at Christmas, New Year and now, Easter, someone turning up with a computer for the menfolk to puzzle over together.

It's now 6pm (7 pm in old money as the clocks went forward last night). Not sure that I will be ready for more food for a while - maybe that fruit salad later on?

Happy Easter! Hmm, just had another couple of chocolate mini-eggs. Not saying I'll give up chocolate yet, just pause in the consumption....

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