Saturday 26 March 2016

Saturday 26th March - The Sliding Block Puzzle

The sacrifices I make to provide a blog post!

I've just brave the cold, grey, dank, blustery HORRIBLE weather outside to take this picture:

which is the state of the back seat of my car. Now that I am back at the computer, sitting next to a hot radiator, I will explain.

The two big black patio planters are my "junk" samba kit (there is a smaller planter inside one of them. The multi-coloured plastic tubes are "boomwhackers" - when you tap them they produce sounds of different pitches. The various bags contain shakers, tambourines, xylophones and sundry assorted instruments. All this stuff lives in the car because - well - there is nowhere else for it. (now, when we get the shed up..... things may change.....)

Anyway, the situation is that the clutch on BB's car is going, so we are not using it in order to preserve what little capability is left for the drive to the garage on Tuesday. So that means we will have to use my car. That's fine, except both offsprings are staying here over Easter, so we will need to fit four into my car. Usually, when we need to empty my car, we just dump everything in the back bedroom - but there is a daughter in there at the moment. Or the little front bedroom - but that is already occupied by the son. Or, if it was just for a day, in the sitting room - but I can't cope with falling over it for a whole Bank Holiday weekend.

Solution - BB is currently, as I type, loading it all into his car, which, let's face it, is little more than a stationary wheeled shed at the moment. On Tuesday we can transfer it all to a vacated bedroom. By the time term starts again, it can all go back in my car.

Perhaps we will need two sheds - a musical shed and a gardening shed? And a third, to be a workshop?

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