Saturday 5 November 2016

Friday 4th November - Proper Post for the day

If I had managed to remember to do a post on time yesterday, it might have gone like this...

What a contrast from one week to the next...

Last Friday we were still in Canada. The weather had turned; there had been a frost, with Real Ice on the puddles and Real Frost on the cars. However, the sun came out, and we went for a glorious walk in Beamer Conservation Area; easy walking through woods along paths carpeted with fallen leaves. Every so often I would get a scent of some kind of foliage, or maybe flower; I have no idea what it was, but it was exactly like the smell you get from some kinds of real, old-fashioned pot-pourri.

What we should have looked at properly on the way in. 

View across  Grimsby and Lake Ontario to Toronto. If this picture had been better, you would be able to see Toronto looking like some kind of science fiction city; the road going directly into the distance it pointing straight at the CNN Tower .

I don't think that is land you can see across the lake in the far distance, but clouds. 

The sun was bright, the birds were singing, the sky was blue, the views were amazing. Sadly, none of us had looked at the "welcome board" on the way in, and though were were fairly sure that we would get back to the start if we continued along the path, we weren't certain enough to risk it.

So we turned round and went back the way we came. Next stop, a food court to pick up some bread for lunch. Hey! Tescos and Sainsburys! You've a long way to go to understand the Canadian idea of cake decoration! Especially for Halloween!

Home, for lunch, at 4pm! Where had the day gone?

Contrast this Friday... a tedious drive through rain and drizzle to get to the dentist. BB is unwell at the moment - sore throat and temperature - so decided to stay at home. It wasn't all bad though... last time I went to the dentist it turned out into a protracted root canal filling repair and replacement crown. This time all was well and I only had to endure a ruthless descaling and polishing.

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  1. And so the Canadian weather has changed again as we walk around with jst a t-shirt (plus trusets etc). Glorious sunshine and blue sky