Tuesday 29 November 2016

Tuesday 29th November - It's cold

Last night, today, and tonight are to be the coldest days/nights so far this season. Bearing in mind that Winter starts on 7th November, there's probably a lot more even colder days and nights to come.

File:Gijsbrecht Leytens - A winter landscape with a woodsman and travellers.jpg

Determined car scraping was necessary before I could set off for work, and the same will be needed tomorrow, I don't doubt. I spent a few minutes searching out his gloves for him, because one of his (many) kindnesses is scraping the ice off the windows for me before I leave.

File:Versoix, Frozen car due to ^quot,bise^quot, wind - panoramio.jpg

Last week the gloves he used were a tight fit - I suspect they below to Number 1 Son. (I could wrap them up for Christmas as an extra present, except I know he reads this blog)

My car's thermometer claimed the temperature was -3C at 8:30 am, and then an amazing 23C when I left the first school at lunchtime to head off to the next educational establishment. I think that's because my car was sitting in full sun. The later reading of 6C as I turned for home at 3:30 pm seemed more likely. But when I was travelling through a road which had been in shadow all day, with the frost still gripping the grass, there was a sudden beep and a warning that the temperature had dropped to 3C so there could be ice on the road. Not too likely at four o'clock in the afternoon, but I was a little cautious just in case.

Well, I'm home, and the day's work has ended, and I've had my supper, and I'm sitting by the radiator, and I'm wearing a thermal vest, and my fingers are cold and I'm still not properly warm.

Time to sign off and make hot chocolate.

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