Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday 24th November - I've lost my pencil

Today I found a pen that I didn't know I'd lost;

LAMY abc Fountain pen

and I've lost my super-duper multi-coloured pencil and I don't think I'm going to be able to find it. 

Pentel multi 8 PH802

It could be in the school where I was teaching this morning, on the pavement, in my car, in a car park, or in the school where I was teaching this evening. It could be on the dining room table,

in my handbag, or in my teaching bag....

I discovered the zip compartment that I use for pens in my bag was open, when it should be closed, so the pencil could have fallen out at any time. I'll do a proper search in and around my car in day light, and also empty out my bag and investigate all the various compartments, but I'm not hopeful.

The multi-coloured pencil was a present this time last year. I've still got the lovely packaging and all the spare leads. If the pencil doesn't turn up, I'll just have to order a replacement.

That's rather how life goes at this stage of the term.

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