Saturday, 25 March 2017

Saturday 25th March 2017 - Broad Beans

They are magnificent!

I planted them in the empty tubes from the Nespresso coffee pods, which I then, later, stuck into flowerpots. It does make them look a little weird, I guess.

I've been putting the seedlings out during the day for a week now; next week they will hopefully all go into their containers and my fantasy vegetable plot will become a reality. The lettuce, brussel sprout, and radish seedlings still look spindly, but they will have to take their chance.

Today is a lovely sunny spring day - I'd be out there pulling up goose-grass and all that kind of stuff, if it wasn't for the wind. It makes the daffodils dance, and it makes my hands turn blue. Cold, that's what it is.

The rosemary has been in flower for a couple of weeks and the agapanthus is showing signs of life.

There's still one slightly misshapen ornamental cabbage left, from Autumn 2015 and the silvery grey bedding plants that we bought that summer are hanging in there, if looking decidedly tatty.

Also bursting into life is all the mares-tail that infests the garden.

The little beasts are appearing between the paving bricks, with delicate heads of fine dusty spores to waft around the garden in the wind. Ho Hum. Weedkiller time is upon us.

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