Sunday 30 April 2017

Sunday 30th April - Daily List

That was the week that was... - timetabling, scheduling, preparing,

1.Start thinking about my timetable for the term ahead, check that I've got most of what I need prepared for at least the coming week

2.Preparing for Monday - master copies for photocopying, pack lunch ready to be packed (no bread - ah, that's a bit of a complication when trying to make sandwiches...plan B... )

3.Monday - first day of term, staff training day. All day. And a surprise piano lesson in the evening - I thought she was starting later in the term.

4.Repack my bag from Monday to get it ready for Tuesday.

5.Tuesday - Term" proper" begins - sort of. Piano teaching in the morning, school teaching in the afternoon, piano teaching in the evening.

6.The full consequences of

  • Staff Training Monday 
  • Bank holiday Monday 
  • school SATS exams
  • annual school music festival
  • routine hospital appointment

on my schedule for this half of term hit home. Time to work out how and when to reschedule lessons that are affected by all these infractions upon normality.

7.Wednesday - was that I normal teaching day? I think it might have been, no, wait, the morning school cancelled because of school photographs. It looks as though Wednesday 3rd and Wednesday 24th May could be the only Wednesdays I can get there this term... time to revise the revised schedule...

8.Thursday - now that was a normal day. All day. And even in the evening!

9.Friday - This was actually a Friday, although the afternoon went a bit wild. I rocked up o the school, spent The Whole Afternoon reminding the class what they had been learning in their ukulele lessons last term, so that they could present it to their parents in the afternoon.

10.The Weekend. Ah, bliss. Nothing timetabled for Saturday, Sunday, or Bank Holiday Monday. No, wait, what's this text? Could I please play "Amazing Grace" on the organ at church on Sunday? Why not - I've nothing in the diary!  

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