Sunday 27 August 2017

Saturday 26th August - The New Gadget

Another baking hot day. Being Bank Holiday weekend we decided not to go anywhere as the main roads round here will be thronged with everyone rushing to the seaside.

We mooched around town, buying a few bits and pieces that I want to send to friends and family in Northern Ireland as thank-you-for-having-me presents. Then, decision time! Oh Yeah! We've been pondering this ever since we saw one of these in action the week before last;

Product Details  

It is an Airfryer! Our friends cooked sausages and little roastie sliced potatoes in half the time it would take using a conventional oven. Will it do croissants - that's an important question! And the answer is yes - 4 minutes from thinking to eating. Should have let them cool down a bit first, really.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking up recipes to see what else it will do - although it is called an airfryer, it is really just a small fan oven. So, providing we can find a container to sit on the foil rack we can cook sludgy food as well as your fried stuff. 

I'm looking forward to being served a plate of these sometime soon.
Image result for chicken tikka in airfryer
Chicken Tikka cooked in airfryer

Image result for prawns in airfryer
Prawns cooked in Airfryer

Oh, all these references to Northern Ireland? We got back on Tuesday, that would be 22nd August, from a week there visiting friends and family. I'll post about it - it's just that a lot has happened since then as well!

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