Thursday 31 August 2017

Wednesday 30th August - A Day Out

A Day Out in the rain...

Guildford was cold and wet and miserable. The road going in was choked with traffic, all, seemingly, due to a hole being dug at the bottom of bridge street.

So why were we there? I wanted to have a look at bottom-of-the-range digital pianos, as many of my new starters just have keyboards at home - not the same thing at all - so the first call was Andertons. On the way we walked past the showroom; our eye was caught by several smart pieces of furniture;


The dressing table can also be configured as a work station... oh hey, I should stop here or else print out the entire catalogue...

After a snack lunch (cornish pasty, if you must know, but don't bother with the potato wedgies) and a brief (there's a pun in there) foray into Marks and Spencers we went on a search for

Writing Maps which I have read about here

Writing Map with Creative Writing Prompts

and would like to see, but are not stocked by Ted Baker or Anthropologie, in spite of rumours to the contrary, and Waterstones don't do them either.

and knitting wool - both the shops that I know about have closed

and had a look at the Sale in Rohan clothes; last time we went, the sale clothes hadn't been delivered to the shop, this time they have just been sent back to the warehouse.

We did buy Jamie Oliver's latest, as some of the recipes look decidedly promising and it was half-price at Waterstones;

Product Details

So, on the shopping list are ingredients for messy beefburgers (minced beef, pesto, tinned tomatoes, mozzarella, buns, but I might do potatoes instead) and rendang beef and cauli rice (more minced beef, cauliflower, rendang powder, fresh mint, light coconut milk - no rice? somehow he magics the cauliflower into rice). I might even have a go at Buddy's flapjack biscuits (butter, dried fruit and nuts, oats, SR flour, syrup) once I've picked all those horrible tasting pesky little goji berries out of the fruit and nut mix we've got leftover from something.

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