Saturday 9 September 2017

Saturday 9th September - To See the Sea

Today, after the first Saturday morning of term (piano lessons, and two crazy and formless sessions called "Keyboard Ensembles") I had a need to see the sea.

It has been creeping up on me, but this South Coast we live near is not one of sandy beaches and interesting cliff-top walks. At least, not interesting in the way Cornwall was. So, the plan was to find somewhere where we could have a good, but reasonably-priced meal, sitting somewhere, preferably outside, with a sea view.

I felt better as soon as we reached Brighton, where we turned left, following the coast past the marina. The sea was same same colour as the railings, the sky blue with a few fluffy clouds... perfect...

Image result for brighton seafront

We continued along, enjoying the view, until we came to Rottingdean

Image result for rottingdean beach

This imposing building is The White Horse at Rottingdean, seen from the beach. We sat on the terrace and had excellent sandwiches and a portion of properly crispy chips, taking in the wonderful turquoise and grey-blue sea, with little white caps glinting in the sunlight,
sort of like this

Image result for rottingdean beach

 but with more people and bigger waves.

We've never stopped in Rottingdean before, only struggled through in queues of traffic. It is the most charming little place, all little fishermans' cottages and smugglers' pubs at the bottom of the valley, and large, beautiful Georgian (and earlier) houses at the top end.

A huge grey cloud followed us as we walked back down the main street (past Rudyard Kipling's house, Enid Bagnold's house, Edward Burne-Jones' house) but we made it back into the car just as the first drops of rain fell.

We drove home through real proper rain, the sort that rattles off the windscreen with a sound like hail, and kicks up enough spray to make fog lights a good idea.

(all pictures "found" on the internet as I didn't take any of my own.)

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