Sunday 24 September 2017

Sunday 24th September - Happy Anniversary?

It is our fortieth wedding anniversary this weekend.

Who would have thought we would have stayed together for so long?

Well, me, for one. Not as in "taking it for granted"way, but as in, for me, "being married to this man is the very best of all options, ever", way.

Anyway, how to celebrate? I'm so glad we didn't plan a huge friends and family party weekend affair. It is three weeks into the new school year, and I am absolutely zonked out. I've also temporarily left the human race and become a - what shall we say - no, I won't type the word that comes into my mind. Just use your imagination; I have a HUGE box of tissues to hand, and the waste-paper bin within easy reach, and am having a long, slow start to today. Me and the cat.

which is a bit of a waste of a beautiful day. I'll get up later and rejoin humanity, maybe. If I can take my tissues with me.

We have celebrated; son and daughter were here last night, and cooked and served a delicious meal, and we played Ank Mpork (and I won, partly because no-one else was concentrating either).

We've had cards and texts and good wishes from friends and family.

And we will be celebrating again; Kind friends have given us a gift voucher for afternoon tea for two at A Very Superior Establishment and I am looking forward immensely to redeeming it in the near future.

I reckon our 40th Anniversary Celebrations, in a sort of on-going, low-key, way, will last for several months to come. Meanwhile, I am, weirdly enjoying today, in spite of snuffles and snorting-into-handkerchiefs. Who wouldn't - in a favourite place, surrounded by favourite people, on a lovely sunny Sunday day.

This is the best kind of happiness.

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