Thursday, 14 September 2017

Thursday 14th September - Here's a thing

The newly-formed school choir that I run in the last half-hour of the school day is unexpectedly popular.

"What are you missing in class to be here?" I asked. Silly question?

"Lessons," came the gleeful answer from two dozen children, girls and boys, aged 7 to 11 years old.

I'd dearly love to keep a certain boy - what shall we call him? - 'Liam' - (I'm not teaching any 'Liams' anywhere, as far as I know, so that should be a safe alias) - anyway,  I'd love to keep him in choir, but he is pushing his luck. He's an active little soul. Actually, he is not little, he is rather well-grown for his age (7), appears to have elastic arms that fling about at random, and he constantly talks and makes random noises

"wheee"   "look at this"     "zoom"

or else reads the words out loud while I am speaking or echoes everything I say....

So I moved him away from anyone who would encourage him, admonished him, gave him my killer look

"oooh, she's looking at me" 'Liam' squeaks.

Now I've got him standing next to a serious, well-behaved older girl.

She gives him the killer look and snaps "Be quiet, 'Liam' ".

And 'Liam' is so surprised that he behaves impeccably for the rest of choir.

That girl will go far.

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