Monday 27 November 2017

Monday 17th November - Back to normal?

Oddly enough, today was a nearly  normal day.

I got up (no breakfast in bed)

I had breakfast

Taught a couple of adult piano students that come on Monday mornings - I really enjoy this time (hopefully they do too; at least they keep coming which seems promising)

Caught up on household bits and pieces

Set off after lunch for work.

Non-normal episode - delivering a condolence card to a friend. (Pause for thoughts and memories)

Taught piano to three young children at a local school. Had to fetch them from an excited rehearsal for their Christmas nativity show, so concentration wasn't at a high level. I think I taught them something, hard to tell in the circs.

Home, last three pupils of the day


Surf the net, half-watch TV (alarming programme on sinkholes, chunks of England have been built over old mines. Not here, I think. I hope. Open cast clay pits for bricks, to be turned into landfill rubbish sites is mainly what we have round here.) 

Soon it will be time to make goodnight hot drinks, and go to bed, perchance to sleep, or dream, or listen to audio book on mp3 player, or mull over what I will be teaching tomorrow, or anything else that comes to mind in the hours of darkness.

Today seemed oddly, disquietingly, peaceful; no sudden changes of plans, nothing unexpected, unplanned

That'll do fine for me.

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