Saturday 18 November 2017

Saturday 18th November - Tissue Day

I should have bought shares in a manufacturer of pocket packs of tissues years ago.

Yesterday a young lad came for a piano lesson with such a juicy cold - no other word for it - that I actually disinfected the piano after he left. He came with his own pocket pack of tissues and used the lot over the half our, thankfully depositing the revolting remains in the bin before he left. I would rather he hadn't come at all!

I delayed the start of the next lesson while I wiped the keys with dettol.

Today I handed out tissues to just about everyone in the first keyboard club. I keep a pocket pack in my pencil case for just this purpose. "Only one each" I said firmly, "and the bin is over there."

I'll need to replenish the piano-pack before I start teaching again on Monday. Ugh.

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